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We are devoted to providing unbiased analysis and viable solutions for Air & Missile Defense security challenges.



The Acamar Institute is an independent nonpartisan nonprofit research center and think tank dedicated to the public interest. We challenge conventional thinking and present strategic adaptations to the future through interdisciplinary studies in defense, technology, international relations, and economics. The Acamar Institute’s commitment to the public good means that we want our work to reach and be understood by as many people as possible. Through articles, op-eds, lectures, conferences, books, and media appearances, we aim to increase awareness and knowledge of interdependent security, policy, space, and missile defense issues with the interested public and appropriate stakeholders.


We seek to integrate international affairs and security studies with pragmatic and operational real-world Air and Missile Defense expertise. In an increasingly sensational, predisposed, and distorted discussion, the Acamar Institute offers the public and decision makers clear, realistic, and strategic insight along with innovative ideas that advance international security. It is our goal to promote innovative thinking, integrity, cross-disciplinary scholarship, and talent development.


The Acamar Institute aims to integrate much needed real-world experience and operational Air and Missile Defense knowledge into academic forums by advocating for the opinions of veterans and giving both veterans and current operators a voice and platform to participate in scholarly discussions. We acknowledge the historical dimension of Air and Missile Defense and its impact on global events and outcomes, and seek to promote and preserve the important testimony of actual witnesses. The Acamar Institute also supports awareness for historic missile and air and missile defense sites and preservation of such sites for educational and memorial purposes. To ensure accurate knowledge of important Air and Missile Defense topics, AMDEC (Air and Missile Defense Education Center) is our educational platform designed for institutions, schools, working professionals, and interested citizens alike to understand and appreciate the global impact of air and missile defense and become informed participants in refined discourse and dialogue.



The Acamar Institute conducts independent studies and specific research services upon request, all available to benefit the public interest. Contact us to collaborate or request a tailored research study.


The Acamar Institute's Air and Missile Defense Education Center (AMDEC) offers a curriculum of courses available to the public to learn about space, air, and missile defense topics.


The Acamar Institute supports historic missile and air and missile defense site preservation, scholarship programs, and military veterans organizations.


The Acamar Institute offers its research studies and articles free of charge to the public to further air and missile defense awareness, understanding, and encourage additional research projects.


The Acamar Institute offers advisory services, threat assessments, technical analysis, defense designs, and academic lectures to promote education and informed decision-making.

We offer the ability to educate, uncover hidden requirements, drive new thinking, and increase efficiency with our recommendations. 


Our multilingual team has decades of military, civilian, and international experience. Our contributors have worked at the highest strategic levels within the military as well as in Fortune 500 companies and regulatory consulting for global financial institutions.

Our contributors have been featured in or mentioned by: Air & Space Magazine of the Smithsonian Institution, Air University of the U.S. Air Force, AP News, The Boston Globe, Breaking Defense, Defense Daily, Defense News, The Denver Post, Die Zeit, The Drive, Fair Observer, Foreign Policy, Fox News, The Hill, Indian Defence News, International Journal of Business and Social Sciences, Jerusalem Post, Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs, Just Security, Modern Diplomacy, Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ), Real Clear Defense, Reuters, Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF - Swiss Radio and Television), The Red Line, Tribune de Genève, U.S. Department of Defense, Voice of America, Washington Post, and others.



Our name refers to the star Acamar at the end of the constellation Eridanus. Acamar is derived from the traditional Arabic name, Ākhir an-Nahr, which means “the end of the river.” This name highlights the space-related aspect of our work in missile defense and acknowledges that what may appear to be the end to one, may be the just the beginning to another. Acamar, a westernized word with Arabic origin, symbolizes the synthesis of eastern thought with western thought, a concept that Acamar wholeheartedly embraces through careful consideration and analysis of all perspectives.

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