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Colonel Carlos Eduardo Porto Alegre Rosa of the Brazilian Army is the Commandant of the Brazilian Coastal Artillery and Air Defense School (EsACosAAe), located in Rio de Janeiro.


Colonel Porto Alegre has had an extensive career in the Brazilian military. He contributes to Acamar by sharing his expertise and providing insights into the Brazilian armed forces and their air defense structure, as well as through air defense education collaboration in Brazil.

In the past, Colonel Porto Alegre served as Military Observer for the United Nations in Sudan and also actively participated in many Interagency Operations in the areas of Defense and

Security for major international events, such as the World Youth Day in 2013 with Pope Francis in Rio de Janeiro, the Confederations Cup 2013, the Soccer World Cup in 2014, and the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2016. He was also a Special Advisor to the Secretary of Security in the State of Rio de Janeiro during the Federal Intervention for public security in 2018.


Colonel Porto Alegre is a graduate of Military Sciences at the Military Academy of Agulhas Negras (AMAN) and obtained the Specialization in Air Defense Artillery for Officers from the Coastal Artillery and Air Defense School. He further obtained a Master's Degree in Military Operations from Escola de Aperfeiçoamento de Oficiais (EsAO) and is a Lato Sensu Post Graduate in Military Sciences from the Command and General Staff College (Escola de Comando e Estado-Maior do Exército - ECEME). In addition, Colonel Porto Allegre also holds a Master’s Degree in Defense from the Military Higher Education Institute in Portugal (Instituto de Ensino Superior Militar de Portugal – IESM) and is a graduate of the U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery Captains Career Course.


In his role as Commandant of the Coastal Artillery and Air Defense School, he is the primary consultant and advisor for all doctrinal aspects pertaining to Brazilian air defense.

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