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Acamar's Signature Study: "Air2030plus"

Acamar's seminal report, "Air2030plus," is driving the Air2030 air defense and airspace security discussion in Switzerland. In it, our team of experts conclude that Switzerland is forced by the reality of modern and future warfare to "fundamentally restructure and rethink its plans for air defense." We offer a more efficient alternative concept for the protection of Swiss airspace by placing greater emphasis on the ground-based air defense network.

In conjunction with a ground-based air and missile defense system, a two-type air force consisting of a light fighter/trainer and a heavier fighter aircraft would best suit the requirements for the security of airspace in Switzerland. Particularly important, as a result of the increasing threat from drones and UAVs, the means available to counter threats at a short range should be optimized and become part of an integrated security architecture. The results of the analysis suggest that Switzerland should consider a relatively radical change in relation to its current concept of the defense and security of its airspace. The following points should be taken into account:

- Establishment of an integrated and optimized radar structure and architecture for more effective early warning.

- Re-evaluation of the plans for the purchase of fighter aircraft with a focus on air policing tasks.

- Investment in various types of sensors and aircraft to avoid single points of failure and ensure the optimization for the defense of specific threats as well as the conservation of resources.

- Optimization of integration of air defense means through the introduction of an effective Command and Control (C2) architecture.

- Allocation of proportionally more air defense resources than currently for investment into ground-based air defense.


Find out more about our study and its impact on the Swiss national stage:


Read the full report (in German) here: Schweiz Air2030plus


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