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Our Transformation: Announcing the Nonprofit Acamar Institute!

Due to our overwhelming success, growth, expanding scope of work, and influence, Acamar Analysis and Consulting is transforming into a full-time nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank and research center devoted to the public interest. The Acamar Institute will provide research services, publishing opportunities for contributors, air and missile defense veteran's recognition and outreach, scholarships for air and missile defenders, historic missile site preservation and commemoration, and an air and missile defense education curriculum. We will also continue to offer our current catalog of professional advisory services.

We believe that air and missile defense makes the world a safer place. However, air and missile defense veterans are often forgotten. Air and missile defense has played a role in nearly every armed conflict in recent history and continues to increase in importance. Veterans that manned strategic deterrence systems during the Cold War deserve to have their experiences documented. The Acamar Institute offers a platform for veterans to share their experiences through speaking engagements and articles.

As a think tank, we encourage new ideas, diversity, and collaboration. Join our cause and become a contributor to add to the discussion and have your work shared.

Through our research, publications, outreach, and education center, the Acamar Institute seeks to advance international security through innovative thinking and awareness.

Find us at our new website:


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