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Swiss Newspaper Aargauer Zeitung Discusses Acamar's Alternative to Air2030

"His [Acamar Founder and President Michael Unbehauen's] conclusion is clear: Switzerland, with its six billion Francs, is spending too much for expensive fighter jets and is at the same time overlooking threats from cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, and military drones...
Also in the case of drone attacks, ground-based air defense is the better option for defense than fighter jets.
For the air policing mission - a central argument for the planned replacement procurement of the F/A-18 fleet- light fighter jets would almost always be sufficient, said Unbehauen. Only for around 40 missions per year, the Swiss Air Force would need heavier aircraft. For this the Swiss military could still use its F/A-18 fighter jets that it acquired in the 1990s, explained Friedrich W. Ploeger, a German retired General..."

Read the article (in German) below:

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