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Swiss Radio (SRF) Interview: Brig. Gen. (ret.) Haimovich Discusses Switzerland's Air2030 Program

Brigadier General (ret.) Zvika Haimovich, former commander of the Israeli Air Force's Air Defense Forces and Acamar contributor, explains that Air2030 is focused on the wrong thing - fighter aircraft. Warfare is changing, and in the age of "New War," the threats that nations will face are from non-state actors, ballistic and cruise missiles, and unmanned aerial systems. The least likely threat that Switzerland faces is an invading enemy air force that requires expensive fighter jets. Instead, Haimovich argues that Switzerland should focus its defense more against missiles and drones that can be better countered by ground-based air defense, which is precisely what Acamar recommended in our Air2030plus study. Drone proliferation is currently occurring throughout the world. They are cheap and can do significant damage. Fighter jets are useless against this type of threat.

This is yet another example of why proper consulting is important. It is critical to obtain an accurate threat assessment and tailored analysis in order to purchase the right equipment and employ it efficiently. Switzerland is on the verge of wasting billions of francs on excessive fighter aircraft, when a light trainer/fighter and greater investment in ground-based air defense would better suit their needs.


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