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The Acamar Institute is an independent nonprofit and nonpartisan organization financed by contributions from private individuals, corporations, foundations, and government grants.


We welcome the generous support of individual, foundation, corporate, and government agency donors in the service of our mission to educate, commemorate, and produce research of unmatched quality, integrity, and practical relevance. 


As a matter of standard practice, the Acamar Institute carefully reviews the sources and stipulations of all potential outside revenue to ensure that our work and reputation cannot be questioned or compromised. We do not seek or accept financial contributions from non-democratic foreign governments or groups or individuals acting on their behalf. The Acamar Institute does not take institutional positions on particular matters of public policy and does not advocate for a specific company, system, or product. Individuals affiliated or associated with the Acamar Institute are encouraged—and free—to follow their research to whatever conclusions logic, empirical evidence, and conscience guides them.

Consistent with this principle of independence, financial contributions to the Acamar Institute are made and accepted with no understanding or expectation, that the outcome of future work of the Acamar Institute is in any way predetermined.

If you feel as strongly as we do about the importance of missile defense education, research, veterans outreach, and the preservation of historic missile sites, please consider supporting our work with a donation.

Acamar advocates for the preservation and maintenance of historic missile sites around the world. With your support, we ensure these sites remain open to the public.

Acamar's education center offers unprecedented air and missile defense knowledge and information to the public. Your donations help keep our curriculum updated.

Acamar supports missileers and air and missile defense veterans with scholarships and opportunities to share their unique experiences with the public. Donations support our outreach.

Acamar's research center serves the public by providing expert analysis and studies to various entities. Your support ensures we continue our research and maintain the highest qualified analysts.


Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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