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Japan’s reversal on the Aegis Ashore sites may indicate a larger shift in defense priorities for the country and potentially signal a transitional trend with implications beyond Japan and the Indo-Pacific region.


Military Aircraft

To this date, the Air2030 program has been characterized by disingenuous political maneuvering, an inaccurate capability discussion and a flawed defense design.



EsACosAAe is the only military educational establishment that develops and trains Brazilian Army, Navy, and Air Force personnel, as well as military from partner nations, in the fields of air defense and coastal defense. It is known in Brazil as the “Cradle of Coastal and Air Defense Artillery.”

JUNE 2020


Adding an additional category of interceptors to the arsenal when the actual defense weakness is based on sensor architecture would be like providing a near-sighted sniper a second rifle when he actually needs glasses.

JUNE 2020


The characteristics of military conflicts and the "new war" era over the past decade bring with them several significant changes.

APRIL 2020


Guyana may soon find itself in a similar situation to Venezuela — a target of economic sanctions, with a government not recognized as legitimate by the international community.

MARCH 2020

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Are hypersonics a game changer when it comes to the security and defense of the American people from a nuclear attack? An examination of hypersonic weapons must be factual and not driven by political goals or emotion.

MARCH 2020

Screen Shot 2020-09-13 at 7.59.46 PM.png

The end of the INF Treaty reveals many things: the evolution of the international context with China’s rise to power, the disinterest of Russia and the United States in Cold War arms control treaties, the deterioration of relations between Russia and the United States, the division between Western and Eastern Europe, and the powerlessness of Europe in international military matters.

MARCH 2020

Acamar Air2030plus.jpg

Switzerland should consider a relatively radical change to its current concept of the defense and security of its airspace. In conjunction with a ground-based air and missile defense system, a two-type air force consisting of a light fighter/trainer and a heavier fighter aircraft would best suit Switzerland's airspace security requirements.



Missile proliferation and global stability are intrinsically linked. Missile threats continually appear at the forefront of global security issues. This study examines if the GMD missile defense shield has contributed to a safer world or triggered a new arms race.

MAY 2019

Swiss Rebuttle Cover9-page-001.jpg

The threat analysis of the Air2030 program presented by the Swiss defense department covers a period of 30-40 years and concludes that ballistic missiles are currently not a threat to Switzerland and will not be in the foreseeable future. This could not be further from the truth.

MAY 2019


Unnoticed by most, conflict is unraveling in South America and the Caribbean with similar characteristics as in the South China Sea, placing Guyana's impending economic boom at risk.

APRIL 2019


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China US Satellites.png

Space may provide a strategic tripwire to warn of impending terrestrial attack, and one may even prevent these terrestrial attacks if a country serves a strong response after detecting an impending space attack.

Earth and Space

The future of outer space warfare is rapidly approaching. There is significant buildup of space warfare capabilities by some major countries who rely on space systems for their defense or perceive that their potential adversaries depend too much on space capabilities to conduct terrestrial warfare.

Spacecraft in Orbit

Contrary to popular belief, space is not a target-rich environment where just about every target is strategic and costs millions of dollars.

Rocket Launch

Space warfare adds new, and more subtle rungs on the conflict escalation ladder, where countries can express intent and resolve to their adversaries without necessarily inducing terrestrial conflict.

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