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Protect Important Places

The Acamar Institute advocates internationally at the federal, state, and local levels for the preservation of historic missile and air and missile defense sites. Acamar's mission is to preserve these locations for public viewing and support their maintenance and upkeep. We partner with organizations that currently maintain historic missile sites and seek to create new museums around the world to commemorate the historic value of these locations to educate future generations on their significance.

Nike Missile Base.jpg

Nike Missile Base (National Park Service)

RSL #3 Missile Site.jpg

RSL #3 Missile Site (RSL #3 Missile Site Tours)

Veteran Recognition

The Acamar Institute advocates for missileers and air and missile defense veterans by providing them a forum to share their unique experiences to the public through articles and speaking opportunities to preserve their stories for historical purposes.


The Acamar Institute partners with other nonprofits to provide scholarships to current and former missileers and air and missile defenders. Our goal is to garner enough support to fully establish our own scholarship program.

Join Our Cause

Our work is only possible with your help.

The Acamar Institute is an independent nonprofit nonpartisan organization. Please consider making a donation to support our causes.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please contact us below.


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