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Jason Knight was born in Lubbock, Texas and grew up in Abilene, Texas. As Army Space Operations Officer, Jason worked with organizations within the U.S. Army and advised them concerning the employment of space-based capabilities regarding GPS, Missile Defense, and Satellite Communications. Jason spent eight years as an Air Defense Officer prior to transitioning into Space Operations as the next level of defense for strategic assets.


He served as the Deputy Chief for Space & Cyber Activities for the U.S. Army's 1st Cavalry Division and as a Space Operations Officer within the 75th Innovation Command. Prior to transitioning to Space Operations, Jason served as a Tactical Director for a U.S. Patriot Battalion in Germany.

His duties further included an assignment in support of NATO’s Operation Active Fence in Turkey, where he was in charge of monitoring aircraft and tactical ballistic missiles being launched from within Syria.  In his role as Patriot Tactical Director he was responsible of protecting the Turkish city of Gaziantep, in proximity of the Syrian border of missile attacks. Jason was further assigned to Qatar as a missile defense expert and planner, where he managed the entire lower-tier air defense picture for the Arabian Gulf.  He was also involved in training missile defense officers from all GCC Countries and Jordan, on capabilities, limitations, and tactics involved in deploying an integrated missile defense shield.  During his time in Qatar, Jason also advised the Combined Air Operations Center concerning missile attacks originating from Yemen and targeting Saudi Arabia.

Jason is an expert on the Patriot weapon system and a graduate of the prestigious U.S. Army Air Defense Patriot Top Gun School. He holds a BA in Political Science and English from Abilene Christian University, a BS in Computer Science from Auburn University, a MA in International Relations from The University of Oklahoma, and is currently working on a MS in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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